MuseIDE 0.6 released

Announcing the 0.6 release of MuseIDE and the Muse Test Framework.

MuseIDE is a free visual test builder for creating and debugging automated tests. It is designed for, but not limited to testing with Selenium / WebDriver. MuseIDE is built on the open-source Muse Test Framework, which provides a common specification for tests, test suites as well as command-line interfaces for integrating into build automation processes. Muse is designed to build tests that are flexible, extensible and maintainable. As indicated by the version number, it is in early an development stage. Watch the 2-minute video and read more at

The 0.6 release adds navigation of project resources and a native Windows installer with auto-updating launcher.

  • Enhancements (framework):
    switch to LogBack (from slf4j-simple) for logging diagnostic. Log to a file instead of console ($HOME/.muse/muse.log)
  • enhance: Support relative and absolute paths for local driver providers
  • enhance: Support OS-specific configurations for local driver providers

Enhancements (IDE):

  • new: add IDE (single-window integration)
  • new: add Windows installer and auto-updater
  • new: add editor for browsers (SeleniumBrowserCapabilities)
  • enhance: Log diagnostics to a file instead of console ($HOME/.muse/museide.log)

Bug fixes (framework):

  • <none>

Bug fixes (IDE):

  • <none>

Other changes (framework):

  • (none)