MuseIDE 0.13 release

In short:

Browsers can now be run in headless mode via the arguments in the browser provider configuration. Tests recorded or built with the new SeleniumIDE (3.x) can now be imported into MuseIDE from the .side file.

In detail:

Additions and improvements

  • Import new SeleniumIDE format files (.side)
  • BrowserProvider now has an arguments field that is passed to the browser startup command. E.g. “–headless”
  • ValueSourceDescriptors can now have a default value. This is useful, for example, on optional step parameters that should have a ‘true’ value when used.
  • All events are shown in the event log table, including those before the first step starts.
  • Updated to Selenium 3.11
  • Improve command-line output from tests
  • New WebdriverCapture plugin can collect screenshots, page content and log files for each step.
  • New EventLogWriter plugin writes events to disk as-they-are-received, instead of at the end of the test. Very useful when a browser hangs or test crashes due to unhandled errors.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with copy and multiple-paste that caused step-ids to be duplicated, leading to UI corruption when stepping through a test.
  • Fix: Test Suite plugin failures do not show message to user (command-line or log file).

5 thoughts on “MuseIDE 0.13 release

  1. Hello Chris,

    You’re doing a great job, I’m working with MuseIDE to do some web automated test.

    In my tests with version 0.13 I foung a bug with default parameters and Data Tables. I’ll try to give you a quick explanation.

    When you run a parameterized Test Suite with a CSV File, it always takes values from Parameters Tab instead of CSV columns values. So when you run test suites it runs as many cases as CSV has rows with data, but always is using parameters tab values.

    I hope you would fix it.

    Kind regards


  2. Thanks Chris for the update. I am having troubles after install it, when it tries to update components on its first run launches an error log.


  3. Thanks Chris for the update. I am having troubles after install it, when it tries to update components on its first run launches an error log.

    validating file IdeLauncher-2.1.jar
    FAILURE reported:
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Size of file ‘IdeLauncher-2.1.jar’ does not match size in configuration. Expected: 38422, found: 38425

    After this it tries to launch IDE but there is another error

    Update stopped. entered
    Unable to load class org.musetest.ui.ide.IdeApplication
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.musetest.ui.ide.IdeApplication

    I can send you full log if you need it.



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