MuseIDE 0.14 release

The 0.14 release is primarily a maintenance and migration release. The app has been upgraded from running on the now-EOL Java 8 to Java 10. The transition was a big one – due to the modularization of the JRE in Java 9. The Muse framework uses Reflection extensively for dynamically loading new functionality in project extensions…and Reflection was greatly limited by the modularization changes. These same issues affected the launcher/updater – which needed to be migrated to a different project (to update4j from FxLauncher and javafx-gradle-plugin). Overall these changes are a good thing for Java and for this project, but it was a painful upgrade. The update to Java 11 looks to be relatively painless, with this behind me.

As a consequence of the above changes, the software will not automatically update to version 0.14. You must:

  1. un-install MuseIDE
  2. remove the app folder (C:\Users\<username\AppData\Local\MuseIDE)
  3. download and run the new installer

Thanks for your patience and support!

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