MuseIDE 0.19 release

I’m please to announce we now have an installer/launcher for MacOS!  You can find it on the downloads page.

Additions and improvements

General features

  • Repeat Until and Repeat N Times steps provide additional looping options
  • Confirm before deleting project resources
  • Add MacOS installer
  • Remember divider position (between navigator and editor areas)

SeleniumIDE import

Support is added for importing the following commands when importing SeleniumIDE (.side) tests:

  • Select Frame N
  • Select Frame <id>
  • Select Parent Frame
  • Select Top Frame

Bug fixes

  • Fix the JUnit Report plugin
  • Fix editor button bug on first-opened editor
  • Fix selenium sub-group items in Add Steps list
  • Fix step-editor bug that sometimes edited the wrong step


  • Upgraded all projects to build with Gradle 5.6.2
  • Remove docking framework

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